Summer Days on Nantucket

Summer days on Nantucket are precious. It’s plausible in one day to enjoy a drink at the brewery, crush a mouth-watering sandwich, play nine holes of golf and soak up some rays at the beach before your happy hour cocktail. This island is the hub of happiness. My biggest concern when living on Nantucket: too much fun.

But you may be reading this in the office or while eating Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry’s on your living room couch. How do you picture yourself when you finally get to put the toes in the sand? That priceless Nantucket time needs to be spent in a high quality beach chair. It’s time to put away that rusty old beach chair that your Grandfather used to sit in. Nantucket beach chairs provide a quality chair with incredible comfort. Best of all, Nantucket beach chairs are the epitome of Nantucket fashion. The large, wooden armrests allow you to sprawl out and supply a cup holder large enough for a move theater soda. This is the chair to be seen in.

The best part about the Nantucket beach chairs is the embroidery. From initials to personalized logos, your beach chair can look any way you want. This chair is straight class. From the beach to a cook out, there is no better chair to be seen in. Buy a Nantucket beach chair and I promise your peers will be soon to follow.