Colors & Embroidery

With advanced embroidery machines, Nantucket Beach Chair Company can embroider any design or logo you desire. We also offer FREE of charge a choice of having either Nantucket, Cape Cod, or Martha’s Vineyard island outline.
ce-img1 ce-img2 ce-img3
Nantucketwith capital “Block” letters Cape Cod”Block” letters Martha’s Vineyardwith “Script” letters
small-color-img1 small-color-img2 small-color-img3 small-color-img4 small-color-img5
Rugose Red Navy Sand Purple Gray Lady
Personalization extra $20.00 3 letter monogram $25.00 up to 10 characters  

Add your own custom logo- can be silk screened or embroidered.  Please call for a quote.

NBCC canvas logos 009NBCC canvas logos 007NBCC canvas logos 003 NBCC canvas logos 006NBCC canvas logos 005