The Beach Chair Necessity

We all know the summer towel. It’s always damp, occasionally crusty, maybe has a light odor and guaranteed to be dirty…and you’re about to go lay on it. You’re about to go lay your chest and body on a towel that was just used to clean up a random spill in the living room. You’ll never maximize comfortability on the towel, you’ll be constantly adjusting your reading material when lying on the towel, and most importantly, you’re likely to miss out on the surrounding eye candy due to your improper positioning on the towel. Let’s face it; the towel is so 2000 and late.

The beach chair is a necessity.

Once you finally grow up and soak in the sand while plopped down in a beach chair your beach life will be forever changed in ways you never knew possible. Your conversation will improve due to better posture. You’ll be holding court amongst friends like Rodney Dangerfield. In some ways your intelligence may even improve due a better ability to hold a book more comfortably. You’ll certainly never miss a beach body and your peers will immediately notice your immense improvement in happiness. You need that beach chair. It’s sexy, it’s visually appealing, and in this day and age, it’s the only way to do the beach.

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